WAHL Corded Clippers
WAHL Pro ClipWAHL Pro Clip
WAHL Super TaperWAHL Super Taper
WAHL BaldingWAHL Balding
WAHL Taper 2000WAHL Taper 2000
WAHL PredatorWAHL Predator

WAHL Micro Clippers
WAHL SigmaWAHL Sigma
WAHL PeanutWAHL Peanut

WAHL Cordless Clippers
WAHL EnvoyWAHL Envoy
WAHL EasyStyleWAHL EasyStyle
WAHL BellissimaWAHL Bellissima

WAHL Trimmers
WAHL BellaWAHL Bella
WAHL DetailerWAHL Detailer
WAHL DoodlesWAHL Doodles
WAHL Rechargeable TrimmerWAHL Rechargeable Trimmer

WAHL Rota TrimWAHL Rota Trim
WAHL Sterling 2WAHL Sterling 2
WAHL Sterling 6WAHL Sterling 6
WAHL Super TrimmerWAHL Super Trimmer

WAHL Academy Collection
WAHL Academy BlingWAHL Academy Bling
WAHL Academy ChromestyleWAHL Academy Chromestyle
WAHL Academy ClipperWAHL Academy Clipper
WAHL Academy TrimmerWAHL Academy Trimmer

Clipper Blade Sets
WAHL 1006-400WAHL 1006-400
WAHL 2068-500WAHL 2068-500
WAHL 2191WAHL 2191
WAHL 2353-100WAHL 2353-100
WAHL WM1854-7505WAHL WM1854-7505

Trimmer Blade Sets
WAHL 1062-600WAHL 1062-600
WAHL 1093-100WAHL 1093-100
WAHL 2068-100WAHL 2068-100

WAHL Clipper HolderWAHL Clipper Holder
WAHL Clipper OilWAHL Clipper Oil
WAHL Tool CarryWAHL Tool Carry

Babyliss Pro Forfex Clippers
Precision Taper(FX684BU)Precision Taper(FX684BU)
Power Definer 2(FX672)Power Definer 2(FX672)

Babyliss Pro Forfex Trimmers
Precision Designer(FX789NB)Precision Designer(FX789NB)
Precision Mini(FX785BU)Precision Mini(FX785BU)

We supply professional equipment and supplies to Hairdressing salons, Barbers, Academies and Colleges. We provide a delivery service throughout the West Midlands and mail order throughout the UK.