ETI Hairdryer
ETI Turbodryer 2000 BlackETI Turbodryer 2000 Black
ETI Turbodryer 2000 Dark BlueETI Turbodryer 2000 Dark Blue
ETI Turbodryer 2000 WhiteETI Turbodryer 2000 White

Haito Hairdryer
Haito Hairdryer BlackHaito Hairdryer Black
Haito Hairdryer Wood EffectHaito Hairdryer Wood Effect

Parlux Hairdryer
Parlux 2000 BlackParlux 2000 Black
Parlux 3200 BlackParlux 3200 Black
Parlux 3200 DiamondParlux 3200 Diamond
Parlux Supercompact 3500 Black
Parlux Supercompact 3500 Black
Parlux Superturbo 2800 BlackParlux Superturbo 2800 Black

WAHL Hairdryers
WAHL Academy Compact HairdryerWAHL Academy Compact Hairdryer
WAHL Academy HairdryerWAHL Academy Hairdryer
WAHL Turbo PRO HairdryerWAHL Turbo PRO Hairdryer

Ice Diamond Straighteners
Ice Diamond Hair Straighteners BlackIce Diamond Hair Straighteners Black
Ice Diamond Hair Straighteners PurpleIce Diamond Hair Straighteners Purple
Ice Gold Styling IronIce Gold Styling Iron

WAHL Straighteners
WAHL AcademyStraightenerWAHL Academy Straightener
WAHL Cutek StraightenerWAHL Cutek Straightener
WAHL Pencil StraightenerWAHL Pencil Straightener

Parlux Curling Tongs

Parlux Promatic Marcel 11mmParlux Promatic Marcel 11mm
Parlux Promatic Marcel 16mmParlux Promatic Marcel 16mm
Parlux Promatic Marcel 25mmParlux Promatic Marcel 25mm
Parlux Promatic Spring 13mmParlux Promatic Spring 13mm
Parlux Promatic Spring 18mmParlux Promatic Spring 18mm

WAHL Curling Tongs & Accessories
WAHL Steel Curling TongsWAHL Steel Curling Tongs
WAHL Heat Resistant Storage PouchWAHL Heat Resistant Storage Pouch

We supply professional equipment and supplies to Hairdressing salons, Barbers, Academies and Colleges. We provide a delivery service throughout the West Midlands and mail order throughout the UK.