Denman Be-Bop Massage BrushDenamn Be-Bop Massage Brush
Denman Extra Large Hot Curling BrushDenman Extra Large Hot Curling Brush
Denman Heavyweight 9 Row Styling BrushDenman Heavyweight 9 Row Styling Brush
Denman Large Paddle BrushDenman Large Paddle Brush
Denman Medium 7 Row Volumising BrushDenman Medium 7 Row Volumising Brush

Denman Grooming CombDenman Grooming Comb
Denman Small Cutting CombDenman Small Cutting Comb
Denman Small Dressing CombDenman Small Dressing Comb
Denman Styling & Lifting CombDenman Styling & Lifting Comb
Denman Tail CombDenman Tail Comb

Miraki 2in1 RazorMiraki 2in1 Razor
Miraki 2in1 BladesMiraki 2in1 Blades
Miraki Folding RazorMiraki Folding Razor
Miraki Folding BladesMiraki Folding Blades
TRI Razor(Feather Type)TRI Razor(Feather Type)

Barbicide Disinfecting JarBarbicide Disinfecting Jar
Barbicide SolutionBarbicide Solution

PVC Shoulder CapePVC Shoulder Cape
Tint ApronTint Apron
Tinting Gown Velcro, Tie Or Popper FasteningTinting Gown Velcro, Tie Or Popper Fastening
Tinting Square Velcro, Tie Or Popper FasteningTinting Square Velcro, Tie Or Popper Fastening

Childrens Gowns
Childrens Gown BlueChildrens Gown Blue
Childrens Gown PinkChildrens Gown Pink
Childrens Gown YellowChildrens Gown Yellow

Cutting Collars
Cutting Collar MAGNET-IZE BlackCutting Collar MAGNET-IZE Black
Cutting Collar Orbit BlackCutting Collar Orbit Black
Cutting Collar Zebra(Extra Long)Cutting Collar Zebra(Extra Long)

Poly GlovesPoly Gloves
Semi-Disposable Latex GlovesSemi-Disposable Latex Gloves
Semi-Disposable Vinyl GlovesSemi-Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Bond Street MirrorsBond Street Mirrors
Hand MirrorsHand Mirrors
Kodo Wave MirrorKodo Wave Mirror

Classic Tintig TowelClassic Tintig Towel
Hairdressing Towels Dark ColoursHairdressing Towels Dark Colours
Hairdressing Towels Light ColoursHairdressing Towels Light Colours
Chlorine Resistant TowelsChlorine Resistant Towels

Efalock TrolleysEfalock Trolleys
Efalock Lockable TrolleysEfalock Lockable Trolleys
Piccolo 4002 TrolleysPiccolo 4002 Trolleys
Piccolo 6002 TrolleysPiccolo 6002 Trolleys

Water Sprays
Aluminium Coloured Water SpraysAluminium Coloured Water Sprays
Aluminium Water SpraysAluminium Water Sprays
Economy Round Water SprayEconomy Round Water Spray
Kodo Water SprayKodo Water Spray

Bags & Cases
Efalock Aluminium Carry CaseEfalock Aluminium Carry Case
Large Cosmetic Vanity CaseLarge Cosmetic Vanity Case
Large Tool RollLarge Tool Roll
Small Tool RollSmall Tool Roll
Students HoldallStudents Holdall

Drying BankDrying Bank
The Boxta
The Boxta
The Comforto
The Comforto
The TulipThe Tulip